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We are here to help you find your lost money, and we will uphold strict values of service.


Who We Help

Elite Refund Australia provides its services to the following sectors:

Have you been contacted about finances that were lost?

We as Refund Consultants take it upon ourselves to reach out and work with people that are entitled to lost or unclaimed money. We may have contacted you because we believe you are owed some cash back! In most cases, folks aren’t aware their hard-earned dollars are just waiting for them in order to make a difference – which makes this an opportunity worth celebrating (or spending).

What is lost and unclaimed money?

Sometimes people and companies forget about the money they own, such as bank accounts or investments. This can happen because of a change in address; however, it may also be due to more than one reason like having an entirely new name at some point which leads you not remembering what your old ones were (or even if there ever was any). If this situation arises where no one seems able to find out who owns certain funds then these pieces of enriched assets will typically end up getting put into government trust until someone claims them! It is important to know that, if you find lost money in your jurisdiction and do not take the necessary steps to claim it soon enough then this property can become Government revenue. Most instances of abandoned funds go straight back into government coffers unless an owner does come forward with their rightful ownership claims over such possessions before too long!

What makes this process even more difficult is the fact that each State in Australia has separate laws relating to lost funds and various institutions responsible for managing those claims. This can make it challenging as small mistakes could lead you down an endless rabbit hole trying to return your money with months or years’ worth of frustration attached! If you’re in this position, we recommend making sure your claim is done right with assistance on hand if needed!

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​How does misplacing millions of dollars happen every year?

People and businesses are leaving their money behind all day long! It’s human nature to forget or even the best-keepers can have gaps in records. As absurd as it sounds, 1 out of 3 people owe obligations without knowing about them - that's why we work hard at Elite Refund Australia to find these missing creditors so they don't fall victim again. Most commonly, money is lost because of:

Overseas Moving

Many people move overseas and forget to update their details with their service providers. It happens more than people think!


When people invest in something they often forget about it, but this can lead to big problems down the line especially in your early 20s you invest something, and you forgot it.

House Moving

Your new address may not have been updated correctly. Or, you moved house and forgot to update your contact details with the relevant organisation - they were unable (or unwilling)to get in touch!

Types of lost money waiting to be reunited with its owners:

$ 651

Million Shares

$ 1.2

Billion Bank Accounts

$ 84

Million Life Insurance

How is my money returned?

We're Australia’s top Refund experts. We specialise in finding unclaimed funds for Australian individuals and companies who have lost track of their money, verifying the identity (and ownership) of all rightful claimants while assisting with claiming processes by managing documentation preparation & submission!

If I don't choose to claim these lost monies, what happens then?

The answer to this question is simple; the unclaimed funds will be sitting in a government account and if they remain unclaimed after an amount of time passes, then your money will be sent into their Government’s consolidated revenue fund. And after that, it's under the Government and gone!

With Respect To Each Client

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What Keeps us in check!


The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Act 2006 makes it an offense to give false or misleading information when completing any financial transaction. This means that we have a responsibility under the law, which requires us promptly refund your funds into either bank account of choice as soon as possible after they've been lost - not just because you asked nicely!


We are refund consultants with Create Australia, and we've been trained by the industry's top experts. We stay up to date on all of our knowledge so that you can trust in us as expert advisors who will help guide your business towards success!

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While this particular article discusses bank accounts alone, you can see you’re not alone in having lost funds. A staggering $1.1 billion is currently sitting unclaimed by Australians.